Privacy Policy of Climbing Club ry.

Privacy Policy of Climbing Club ry.
25.2.2020 Board of Climbing Club ry.

Keeper of the Register:
Climbing Club ry.
Karjalankatu 12, 28100 Pori

Name of the Register:
Membership Register of Climbing Club ry.

Person in charge of the Membership Register:
Secretary, Petri Niemi, tel. 040 0652344.

Membership Register consist of the Member’s name, postal address, place of residence, email address, telephone number and date of birth.

Name and place of residence are collected because of law regulations. Email address and telephone number are used for communicating with the Member. Postal address and date of birth are transferred to Finnish Climbing Association for the sake of membership benefits (Kiipeily-magazine and climbing insurance).

Data for the register are collected from the Member at the time of registration, when he/she will give consent to handle the data. The data will be stored as long as the membership in Climbing Club ry is valid (yearly membership fee is paid), or until the Member has returned all property of the Club he/she may possess (eg. key to Nega bouldering cave, climbing equipment lended). Membership Register is updated yearly, and the data of non-members are removed.

Membership Register is stored as excel-sheet on the computer of Secretary, or on Google cloud service. The Register is not stored in printed version. In addition to Secretary, also Chairperson and Treasurer of the Club may use the Register for communication and administration purposes only. Name, postal address and date of birth of the Members are passed out to Finnish Climbing Association.

At any time, the Member may check his/hers data that is stored on the Register, and ask for correction of any errors. Member also has the right to ask for removal of his/hers data from the Register. Those requests must be announced by written text, sent to Keeper of the Register either by letter or by email.




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Karjalankatu 12, 28100 Pori.