How to join Climbing Club Pori:

  1. Pay the membership fee (valid for a calendar year) into the Club's bank account.
  2. At the same time, pay the admission fee for the Nega bouldering cave (rest of the year / month / other time period) if you want to climb outside the public hours.
  3. After you have paid the membership and admission fees, fill in your personal data into the form that opens at the bottom of this page, and press the Submit button.
  4. We will inform you when your payments and data have been registered.
  5. Then, representative of the Club will arrange a meeting with you to introduce you to the habits of the Club and to give you the key to Nega.

Information about the Fees:

  • If you join the Club in the middle of the year, you can pay the admission fee for the Nega bouldering cave starting from the month of joining. Note that the registering process may take 3-5 working days.
  • If you have children 13 years or younger, they can climb at nega for free after you have paid your own membership fee and the Nega admission fee. Children climb at the sole responsibility of their parents.
  • If your child will climb regularly, the Club recommends that the child should also join as a member of the Club. Then the child will have the insurance via Finnish Climbing Association.
  • You can pay the Nega admission fee entirely or partly with Smartum and Tyky sports bills, or Epassi. In this case contact us before the payment.
  • Membership fee can not be paid with those sports bills.


Membership fee:

Admission fee for the Nega bouldering cave:

Total fee for the membership and Nega:

Pay the fee calculated above into the bank account of

Climbing Club ry: FI42 5700 0240 1088 47.

Reference number: 20145

If you have any questions about the membership or the payments, please contact us:, or call: 040 8673152 / Soni.

Join Climbing Club Pori

Fill in your personal data into the form that opens below.



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