Climbing as a competitive sport

For serious athletes climbing offers also competitions at national and international levels, all the way to Olympic Games. Climbing was for the first time presented in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In Paris 2024 olympic games climbers will compete in two disciplines, combined boulder+lead, and speed climbing.

One of most prominent competitions in Finland is Boulderliiga. Many climbing clubs and commercial venues host their own competitions, too. IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) . organizes the biggest international competitions. It has three disciplines: bouldering, lead cimbing, and speed climbing. There are also invitational competitions for worlds best climbers. International ice climbing competitions are hosted by UIAA.

Competitions are often streamed live, or a recording can be found on Internet (YouTube). Bouldering especially is viewer-friendly and imposing sports at the international top level.






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