Membership and activities of Climbing Club Pori

Climbing Club ry is a sports club dedicated to promoting climbing in the region of Pori. The most visible part of our activities to general public is the maintenance of the bouldering cave, Nega. Everyone can come and climb there for small fee during the public opening hours. Members of the Club can climb at Nega whenever they want, after paying the admission fee. Membership benefits and fees are listed further below.

During summer season (approximately from April to October) we have active group of outdoor enthusiasts. The activities are bouldering nearby and sometimes in more distant crags, and sport and trad climbing where the nearest crags are at Tampere region, Säkylä, and Kustavi. The Club organizes outdoor climbing trips for its members. The Club owns crashpads which the members can borrow for short-term use. We also organise occasional social events. Climbing Club Pori is member of the Finnish Climbing Association, who has several benefits for its members.

Membership fees:

  • Adults:  76 €/year
  • Children (up to 18 year):  70 €/year
  • Membership is valid for a calendar year

Members can obtain admission for the bouldering cave. You will get your own key for the cave, and can climb whenever you want, excluding occasional group events which are marked on our calendar. Admission fee for the cave is 240 €/year (20 €/month if you join in the middle of year and pay the rest of the year at once), or 30 €/month (when paid monthly).

Membership benefits:

  • After paying the Nega admission fee, the possibility to boulder at Nega, use the training room (with Moonboard, campus, small climbing wall) and weight gym
  • Possibility to participate in organized climbing trips in Finland (bouldering, sport and trad climbing outdoors)
  • Possibility to borrow equipment eg. pads for outdoor bouldering
  • Information channels on WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Like-minded company for indoor and outdoor adventures
  • Sports insurance negotiated by Finnish Climbing Association

Join Climbing Club Pori

Are you interested in joining the Club? Pressing the orange button opens a page that has detailed information about the payment of the membership fee and Nega admission fee. After paying, you can fill in the membership form.




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